Stinson Beach


I suppose I should never REALLY be amazed at the ways this project connects with people.
Years ago, perhaps, the more cynical me might have had the mindset of, “…they’ll never go for this, no one would understand it”
And yet, today at the beach, there were breakthrus and moments where everything just clicked.

There were two standouts I’d like to mention:

This is Shawn from Illinois. We talked about his visit to San Francisco and the summer he and his friends have had so far in our fair city and it’s surrounds. He immediately pulled me over to talk (it helps when you wear a nose) and showed me his clown tattoos! After a few minutes of chatting about the “whys” and reasons for me doing this, we parted with everyone smiling. As I leave, barely out of earshot, I hear him tell them, “What an amazing experience!” And perhaps he goes back to his place, his home, with something to tell more people about…
“You’re Welcome”, Sincerely: The Land of the Freaks (and Fruits and Nuts)

This girl. She and her family (all in the gallery) let me proselytize on my reasons for walking around the beach with a camera and noses. Over my 5-minute, elevator pitch on HOW I’ve become enlightened, the single term of “BurningMan” was the highlight. As it turns out, she is planning on going this year, for the first time, with or without friends…she just feels she NEEDS to. She asks me what the theme this year is…I tell her, “Rights of Passage”
And at that moment, I think we both felt there was a reason I walked up to her and her beautiful mother and father.
And I believe that in my role as a greeter this year, we’ll see each other again as she enters her new world.