Vallejo, CA is a wonderful little city


Poised on the cusp of hope and renewal, Vallejo, CA. is a wonderful little city.

Here’s an example:

On December 1st, a local community pillar, Mario Saucedo hosted his 4th Annual World Aids Day Observation Block Party. He’s been tireless in his efforts to raise awareness about the threat of AIDS and the need for youth education around the subject. ¬†It was a fine event that brought out over two hundred locals to support the event with their contributions of time and energy :)

I dropped in around the magic hour and met a few amazing people. The nose, once again, opened doors that I wouldn’t have thought were possible here. ¬†Example?

While discussing “why the nose?” with a few ladies, I dropped the term “Burning Man” and the youngest woman interjects and tells me that she would really like to go there this year. What else? …that she wanted to go last year too!

So, here I am in Vallejo, CA., the anti-San Francisco…but it appears I was wrong. Once again, the power of breaking through the shell of “normalcy” with the silly act of wearing a clown nose in public acted as a magnet for magic. It opened a door to a conversation that might lead to this girl finding herself (and she’s clearly already on the path out of this city) I know that I’m doing the right thing here and every day it’s manifested. On December 1st, it just so happened that in downtown Vallejo, portals to another world opened again…this time, right in my own back yard.