Jonie wants to be a clown. Now she has the Nose!


So, while shopping tonight, there was a very nice lady at a clothing store who was acting as their greeter…she loved the nose and immediately understood the “Why”, which is always a joy, right? I asked if she wanted a nose, and she respectfully declined, telling me she wouldn’t be allowed to wear it during store hours.

This girl is NOT her…
Please say “Hello” to Jonie, who heard her co-worker decline a nose a stepped right up and asked, “Can I have one?”
Wanna know why she wanted it?
Her dream is TO GO TO CLOWN SCHOOL! :)
(and she currently sings opera)
There are no random events in the Universe when your sole intent is to spread joy, none.

Thank you Jonie for making my day! I hope we meet again soon :)