Clown Nose AND feet?


Mark Trela asked me on Facebook:  “Can we wear large clown feet too?”

Here’s my 2 cents:
You CAN wear them, but that sounds a bit too much to keep up with?

Also, my idea is to be subtle…the reason it works is because everything ELSE about you is “Normal”, right?
The inclusion of the nose is what creates the dissonance and that slight shift in “reality” is very can (gently) jar people enoug h to open that door, that opportunity in them for opening up and taking a chance, taking a little risk to interact with someone they don’t know..who has on a clown nose!?!

When you’re waiting with a kind word, a laugh, a validation that you’re NOT crazy, just happy…man, that’s powerful powerful stuff!
Ultimately, it’s YOUR attitude, your inner light, your reason raison d’etre that can make a difference in people’s lives and it’s a simple as the nose on your face.

Be subtle and loving and see what happens :)

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