Let’s Turn it up to 11


There’s been so much happening, that it’s really too much to keep up with.
I honestly wish there was an easy way to strap a GoPro 1080p camera to my head without looking like a cyborg, because that’s what’s needed: a live camera just above my browline, every time I go out in public :)
..it really IS that silly. Yesterday AND the day before, I’ve given out 14 noses and every time, it’s like a opening a door to sunshine!
Again, I know this may sound like the rantings of a “crazy” person, but it’s not.
My gal is usually right there next to me when it happens and she can see it too.
I can’t get through a trip outside my house without, at some point, people just coming up and GIVING me a reason to spend time making their day brighter.
Recently, many of these beautiful individuals have superseded my own explanation with one of their own. Here’s examples:

Yesterday, at Costco, I pass by a lady and her friend. Just 5 feet later, I hear her say, “I love clown noses on people, it just makes everyone happy!”

YES.THAT.HAPPENED and of course, we spoke for about 5 minutes…

Also yesterday at Costco (yes, again) I’m on the way to the front of the store and a gal who works as a demonstrator pulls me aside as I glide by and asks those 3 words, “Hey man, WHY THE NOSE?” Hence, I “lose’ another 5 minutes and my next-to-the-last nose, which was in my jacket pocket.

15 minutes later, I’m at Target (I know, lots of errands!) and I witness the checker for my line, trying to brighten the day of the woman ahead of me. Essentially, she was my clone, albeit w/o facial accouterments :) When I was next, I flat out tell her how beautiful she was for laying out the love like that. She asked me, “Isn’t that what life’s about?” Yes, Tamika, it IS! As we talk (seemingly for my standard 5-minute-hippie-clown-soapbox time) I tell her she should catch me on Facebook and her co-coworker chimes in to say, “I want to get in on that!” Bruce Richmond, you’re next…

Maybe I should just sum this up by letting you know, THIS LEVEL OF AWESOME HAPPENS EVERY DAY and yesterday was another example of the increase in frequency. It’s TIME to move this ahead.

Look, if you’re reading this, and you have a clown nose handy…please go out and give it a shot. No makeup, no facepaint, nothing is needed but your shining heart.
YOU WILL LOOK SILLY, REPEAT, YOU WILL LOOK SILLY. Trust me, I caught myself on video camera at the bank yesterday, it’s goofy!

People are HUNGRY for INTERACTION, HUNGRY for AUTHENTICITY, HUNGRY for LOVE…if they’ll talk to a guy with a clown nose on, just to feel their OWN heart open, just to feel REAL and VALIDATED and spend even a few moments in honest communication, then it’s EVERYONE’S JOB to feed them.

Please tell me what you did for the world today with your smile and your nose, I’m sure it’ll be a great story :)

Thanks, Tex