Serving your purpose

whythenose, clown nose

At the end of this day, I’m full of reflections. These insights are coming at a rapid pace now, very rapid indeed.
Today I had one that I want to share…for some of you, this may be old news. Even for me, it’s certainly not revelatory. However, the simplicity of the thought is matched by its brevity this time:

“Serving your purpose can become a full time job, but it’s the best and easiest task you’ll ever love doing.”

EG: My only daily task that can’t be forgotten is to have a nose in my pocket at all times, and an open heart to go with it. It’s my job and the rewards are limitless.Another great aspect of this is that I’m following the path completely blind, and this is the first act of true FAITH I’ve ever experienced. Having the ability to realize that is also a tremendous gift…I KNOW I’m trusting the Universe fully, “in-the-flow” as they say :)Ok, I’ll jump off the hippie soapbox for the night and turn on the Netflix.