The first(ish) Facebook post for January 2012


I recently began an attempt to rectify my lack of blogging here. You see, Facebook got in the way and it became a habit to simply post there.
Sadly, that meant this blog languished. It sat around here so long that I can’t go back far enough on Facebook to post the content from that page.

So, I’m posting from the last point I’m allowed from that fanpage and that happens to be January 1, 2012.

The posts after this will often be from Facebook, at least until I get in the habit of posting Why The Nose news in both places :)

Here’s that January 1st missive:

This is the launch day, this is the genesis.
It’s gonna be so good this year, so eternally sweet with the energy we’ve all been given to change this world….f*ck man….

Your teeth are gonna hurt from the goodness
Your cheeks will ache every day from the face-wide smile you can’t let go of
Your heart ain’t gonna stop at growing 3 times larger like the Grinch, it’ll be stretched and torn and reborn into a source of power like you’ve never seen

Don’t believe me?
Go look in the mirror and try to convince yourself you’re anything less than a god, with a clown nose :)