Announcing Red Nose Day 2014

Red Nose Day 2014

May 17th, Red Nose Day 2014 – Please JOIN US!
“For One Day, we Spread Love Around the World, Person to Person, One Nose at a Time, All as One”

There’s over 3000 people ON THE INVITES LIST WORLDWIDE already!
Please invite your LISTS and watch for updates daily…

?#?RedNoseDay2014? is a single day where we intentionally go out with a Nose on our face as an act of outright LOVE
Catherine Du Bois said it best on a note that’s taped to my monitor right now:

“The Nose is a badge that says, I’m playful, silly, caring, compassionate and honor humanity.”

So on May 17th, let’s all decide to make a Saturday of daring to put LOVE out there by wearing a Nose and watching the magic happen! If you have a special idea of how to put our YOUR unique gift, DO THAT on Red Nose Day with a Nose on and hand them to everyone you meet

Basically, the idea is to collectively take this Nose out there and establish a single day event that anyone, anywhere can participate in as an act of love/joy/connection/community. We can watch and document the ways people participate…we’ve got a large-scale public daily performance art project that changes hearts in our hands

SURELY we can have a day that we establish the idea and see where it goes from there?

We think so!
Invite all your friends, grow the list and let’s find a thousand ways to say LOVE on May 17th with a Nose!

Tex and Cat

PS, I just found out that there IS a World Record for the most Clown Noses worn in a day too…