A Nose for Superheroes

whythenose, clown nose

“Psst…Mom…he’s got a red Nose on his face”
“I know, I seeĀ 
“Maybe he’s a clown…”

I can hear this exchange happening behind me. In fact, the little guy’s exuberance is already lightning a smile on my left cheek and it’s creeping around to my right and there’s no way of stopping it.

“I used to have one of those, but it got old and didn’t work anymore”, he quips to his mother.

And that, of course was my cue to flip around with the Nose already curled up in the palm of my hand and drop right down to his level.

“My name’s Tex…and who’s this little bundle of awesome?”

This little bundle of awesome who’s got two superhero figures battling it out between both his hands. With a round, moppet top and big grin pulled taught between his ears.

“I’m Samantha and this is Isaac…say ‘Hello’ Isaac”
“Hello!!! Are you a clown? ‘Cause I used to have a Nose and it fell off…”
“What do you mean it fell off? I’m looking right at your Nose right now!”

And that how I got schooled on Spider-Man, the Green Goblin, how Batman would win in a fight vs. Superman (because “Superman is too nice to win”), how I’m always invited over to watch superhero movies and a whole range of explosive kidstuff that immediately pulled my back fully into his world that I’d (not completely) forgotten through 46 years of life.

Isaac then tells me how his Nose was given to him at a circus and it got work out from wearing it and it didn’t last.

“Wanna Nose that will last a long time?”
“This one will last a LONG time, trust me!”
“Oh wow, it feels nice!”, as he shakes his head back and forth.
“Exactly Isaac…this is a Nose for Superheroes, just like you”

There are times in your life you’ll meet yourself again at a different age. When you do, you’ll know it. I’ve used a term to describe my NOW and the Nose a hundred times and here’s the source of it right in front of me at 3 feet tall:

Uninhibited Heroic Innocence