Firebomb of Joy

whythenose, clown nose

From a December 7th, 2013 post on Facebook:

This afternoon, I stopped for chai…because its cold outside, right? And while I’m standing in line, a lady behind me chirps, “You look like a guy who gave me a Nose at the fabric store! Remember me?”
Her name was Sandy and I did recognize her. In fact, without going back to check, I probably posted about meeting her…she was THAT GREAT, A FIREBOMB OF JOY

I handed her a Nose that day and told her she’s exactly the kind of person who needed it as that I could trust her and her big heart. She told me today she still has it and her grandkids love it! She also reminded me that it only takes a little effort to put LOVE out there and start a ripple. Her thumb and forefinger were close together, apart by only an inch while she explained.
Then this winter snowball of a lady (dressed in all whites with a large fluffy,arching beret) gave me a big hug.
A “Greeter”-style hug, a hug worthy of comparison to MY hugs…
And them I thanked her through tears for making my day.

I understand that fear is control and chaos is love and all that Zen shite is true, but I choose to live in wonder and awe and peaceful stillness as much as possible too.

Thanks Sandy.