Patch Adams meets Cirque

WhyTheNose? Spreading Love Around the World, Person to Person, One Nose at a Time

September 12, 2012 from Facebook:

Even in a month where I’ve gifted 2500+ Noses to people in the middle of the desert and came back lifted up and feeling like $10,000,000…sometimes I have my doubts in public. Going to the airport to pick up a relative last week was one of those moments.
“I’m dressed “up” a bit to do this, the Nose is really kinda silly”
Seriously, that’s what I was thinking.
And that’s always surprising, because it’s my JOY and this joy feeds others and makes magic happen, why question it?
But I DO and perhaps those twinges of “be normal” will eventually disappear…they certainly do when you meet someone like Herb.
Herb was wearing a Cirque Du Soleil hat, that was my first tip off.
As I came up his way, Cat was already speaking with him. It seems he asked her if I was a physician (hilarious, right?)
Herb asked because HE was a retired pediatrician and since I had the Nose on…then MAYBE I was TOO!
Holding back the tears, I greeted Herb and for the next 30 minutes, he tells me wonderful stories.
Of how he was a clown in hospitals for kids, for years, spreading love.
Of how the Nose is such a powerful force to heal hearts and speed physical healing with the power of laughter and goodwill.
Of his technique to connect with even reluctant children who may be a bit scared of clowns (and he’d eventually be playing with them minutes later!)

Herb was MY JOY that recent day, and he was only 25 feet into the airport, waiting to remind me Why? the Nose