“To get the full value of a JOY, you must have somebody to divide it with” – Mark Twain

Only those of you who’ve I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and (likely) proselytizing to might have heard my “donut” analogy.If you haven’t, it’s usually attached to the end of me telling you the story of WhyTheNose? and how it’s become my life mission/dharma/purpose/someone-upstairs-spoke-to-me/etc., really, however you’d like to describe or understand Why? I do this everyday.And it usually goes like this:

“Follow your JOY! Seriously, I don’t care if it’s donuts… If you make the best goddamn donuts in the world and making those donuts gives you JOY, puts a smile in your heart and with every damn donut you make and serve you KNOW that you’re serving the world by putting out LOVE with every single chocolate-covered-in-sprinkles-yummy-mmmmmmmmm …

“But Tex, I make $100K+ in a high powered financial position at a big company and donuts doesn’t make me any money”

“But what makes you happy, really happy?”
“Making donuts…”
“Then Why? aren’t you making donuts?”

I’m sure you get the idea. Follow your JOY and your JOY will follow and support you…even if it’s donuts or wearing a clown Nose in public for three years

So, I’m at Center Camp Cafe, telling the tale of the Nose to the lovely couple below and how we got to Burning Man this year after a community rose to support us and I’m crying and I get to the donut analogy and they are smiling and laughing and nodding their understanding as I finish.

Then, Angie (with her friend Randy) chimes in to reply:

“That’s interesting because we own a donut shop in Wichita, Kansas. It’s The Donut Whole and we opened it because it’s our JOY to make donuts.”
And she goes on:
“And all of our donuts are colorful and full of love and are made by the best kids in town!”

And the kicker:
“The interior of our shop is filled with the remains of a famous amusement park named JOYLAND in Wichita that closed…games, signs, statues, pinball… People come in, hang out, we have music nightly. It’s one of the top college town attractions in the USA. It’s our life and our JOY.”

So, to repeat, I’m in Center Camp Cafe, with my “donut JOY” analogy RIGHT.IN.FRONT.OF.ME, in the middle of the desert, miles away from Wichita, Kansas sharing donuts

All we’re offering here is FULL VALUE JOY
Let’s split a donut!

— with Angela Mallory and Randy Croley.