Cardboard Clown Feet


“You know, two years ago I dressed just like that…”
“You mean for Spring?”, I ask, since looking down to check, I’m wearing madras Bermuda shorts and a pastel t-shirt.

Keep in mind she just walked right up and started telling me this…
Also keep in mind that, of course I know what she’s talking about, gimme some room here 

“No silly, with the Nose…”
“Oh, this thing?”
“Yes…but I did it ALL UP! All over my face!”
“My name is Tex…and who are you?”
“My name is Charlotte, nice to meet you 
“And why would a nice lady like you dress up like a clown?”
“I did it for my grandson and he looked right at me, confused at first and then said, ‘Mamaw, is that YOU under there?”
“And how old was he?”
“Four…and when he knew it was me, he just LAUGHED! It was for his birthday you know…AND I STILL have all that stuff at home…wig and Nose”
“Well, here’s another just in case you misplace those..”
“For me!  Thank you!” Charlotte tells me as she squeals, “Is that why you’re wearing that? …just to make people happy, ’cause you just made my day!”
“Yes ma’am, exactly just that…”
“Well that’s a blessing, we need that in this world…people won’t look you in the eye or laugh or even be courteous anymore…you’re doing the good work.”
“Thank you Miss Charlotte, thank you…I wear it every day.”
“Every day?”
“For four and a half years, yes ma’am…every day, just not at home.”
“Of course you don’t at home, you don’t need to there. That’s where you rest, it’s your place of joy. You are blessed…the good Lord gave you something.”
“Thank you Miss Charlotte, I believe so 
“You know I’m going over to see my grandson right now…he’s gonna love this!”
“And what’s his name?”
“Darrion. D.A.R.R.I.O.N”
“We’ll, here’s another for Darrion 
“Oh thank you! You know what? I didn’t have clown shoes, so I used cardboard for me feet 
“And today all you have is the Nose?”
“It’ll be enough…”

Indeed, I bet it was :)