A flood of updates!

I’ve been meaning to post these few items and just now sat down to intentionally let y’all know about a couple of opportunities for the Nose that came up recently and that have been taking up quite a bit of my attention. If I’ve been late to reply to an email, there’s been a lot of overwhelming and LOVEly things to juggle!

SO, the Nose is going to TedX in Traverse City, MI on May 14th. It seems there’s a Creative Director at Google who’s been using it as a tool for getting everyone on the same level / creative brainstorming / reducing ego / etc. Basically everything I’ve been learning by wearing it every day for the last (nearly) 4 years. So, he got asked to speak at a TedX in his home state, entitled “Game Changers: Designing Tomorrow” and well, let’s just say that the Nose will likely be EVERY attendee’s face of the sold out crowd. By this time next week, I’ll be landing at their airport and trying to get some rest before the Wednesday event. I’ll be the guy with the Nose on, until there’s 600+ people with a Nose on, and then it’s just a party :)
At TedX, with Noses and me somewhere in the mix.

THEN there’s the whole JUMP Boise (Jack’s Urban Meeting Place):
“A not-for-profit, interactive creative center and community gathering place in the heart of downtown Boise. JUMP is both a place and thing—a lively fusion of environment and experiences designed to help spark talents and interests you may not even know you have. Here, anyone can explore, learn and tinker in the activity studios, collaborate and celebrate in the gathering spaces, or relax in the park or amphitheater. All the while enjoying a kaleidoscope of ever-changing and inspiring activities.”


And as it turns out, one of their scouts for art/engagement/civic social outreach projects/creative wisdom has been a fan of the Nose for a couple of years AND their teams have been using it in a similar way as the “Google Exec” above. They’d like the Nose to be a foundation of their Inspire Studio. Check out the pic I’ve attached here for a view of the place. It’s under construction now and I’m shootin’ to bring a LOT of Bay Area Art energy and talent to the forefront when they do their grand opening next May! I’m in disbelief and wonder…

Then there’s the whole Red Nose Day 2014 by WhyTheNose? two Saturdays from now on May 17th with at least 3000+ Noses going out in SO MANY WONDERFUL WAYS by all the pARTicipants in the #lovebombin. It’s gonna be hilarious to watch that page fill up from all over the globe :) Some people are making videos, others are making donuts, others are ??? I think there’s even a French contingent that’ll be under the Eiffel Tower with at least 200 Noses!

Je ris si fort que je pleure :)

And last, we’re assembling a campaign with a massive amount of community support to film 360 Degrees of Happy! at Burning Man 2014 by WhyTheNose?…which is basically a CROWDSOURCED AND SUPPORTED MUSIC VIDEO DOCUMENTARY that will take you through a full 24 HOURS at Burning Man from Gate to Exodus. It’s a video that is being made in an attempt to show the WHOLE community that makes up Burning Man, shot in the style of Pharrell’s Happy!.
But it’s Burning Man and theres dozens of different covers and styles of Happy! from dawn to dusk to night and dawn again with 72,000 people and the unlimited variety of human experience all wrapped up to a song that pretty much everyone in the world has heard and now you can take them all to the that mysterious place out in the desert from the comfort of their own home?
WOW! Dude.
The word hasn’t officially gone out yet and we’ve already got over 2 dozen camps participating and a lot of core groups that make that “party” happen who want to dance and shine, while showing WHO they are and what they DO to support the city.

Keep doing what you’ve all been doing when you’ve generously offered your support of this ridiculous thing. Your comments and stories keep us going. You’re doing it!