Excuse me sir…

WhyTheNose? Clown Nose Spreading Love Around the World, Person to Person, One Nose at a Time

“Excuse me sir…my husband and I meant to ask you this on the boat, but we didn’t get a chance to…we noticed you got on board with that clown Nose on and wanted to ask why you were wearing it?”

Now, right up front, I’m already almost in tears because:

* I’d been privy to this couple’s conversation on board and they we’re SOOOO sweet. It sounded like they were visiting the City, and the way they conversed, you could tell they’d been together forever. He took care of her, she guided him…it was encouraging and lovely.
* Her voice was that “little-older-lady, sing-song lilt that would just melt your heart.
* She was almost 5 feet tall and to be addressed by a diminutive elder as “sir” immediately tells my soul that THIS LADY IS AWESOME and exactly who I’d like my daughters to call Grandma

“I wear it to make people happy and so that I can meet wonderful people like yourself! And whom are you ma’am with this handsome gentleman?”

“My name is Helen and this is my husband Tom

Note: Now I’m really sucked in b/c my mothers middle name is Helen.

I proceed to tell them the story, and they light up…
having me bend over and down for hugs and kisses with her pink lipstick…listening to Helen tell me how nice what I do is and that people need more love in the world and that we don’t know how to communicate with each other anymore and generally everything I believe about the Nose:

All wrapped up in a litany of love and joy that when Helen finally “released” me, we were both in tears

Anyway, I could tell you more, but I’m sure you know how the rest of my day went.

In case you don’t, I’d just read the quote below that had been fed to me via Tumblr before I exited and met these two angels:

“TODAY will never come again… Be a blessing. Be a friend. TAKE TIME TO CARE.”

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