A story with a twist!


It’s late night storytime and I’m gonna tell you a tale you don’t expect.

In fact, I didn’t expect an anecdote about a “noseing” would ever have a twist like this, but…

You might remember that I went to Napa last Saturday to use the sliver of time when it WASN’T raining and grab a few Holiday shots for the portfolio. The sun was out, time to make ART!

About halfway through the three hour visit, I stopped at NAPA Valley Coffee Roasting for a warm drink. I hadn’t had much luck with finding inspiration.

Once inside, a jovial group of 30-40 began to inquire about the Nose and THAT was a wild ride of disbelief on their parts…and par for the course on mine as I explained my #lovestunt to their dropped jaws. The whole conversation began because one of them called me “Rudolph”, and of course, that led down a rabbit-hole with me leading the way. Trust me, the entire place was amused and dumbfounded with this weird guy wearing a clown Nose, handing them to everyone and having them repeat a “Junior Rudolph Pledge of Allegiance”

Well, one of the new Nose owners was a late teen girl who was with the original group who quizzed me and had gotten the ball rolling. When she popped her Nose on it was pretty dang adorable and I immediately quipped how awesome a photo of that might be.


My camera was bag and my phone was in my pocket.

Not a millisecond after the words left my mouth and understand, I had NO intention on taking a photo because it was a happy chaos anyway, an older gentleman standing on my immediate right says very calmly but with force:

“If you take a photo I’ll take the camera out of your hands and shove it straight up your ass…”

He even said it with a smile.

Seriously. It must have been her Grandpa and he must have been ex-military and god knows what other forces shaped his heart…but there it was.
Everyone heard it and no one reacted in the silence after his vitriol.
Except me.

“That’s why I always ask ” was my reply, with an equally cheery smile, looking him dead in the eye.

I honestly surprised myself.

He must have embarrassed the girl, because she walked out quickly…with her Nose on though The group thanked me, took their Noses, shook my hand and told me what a great and refreshing Holiday encounter they’d had and left smiling.

The photo above is of my barista, who told me, ” I loved that Nose when you walked in ” before she handed my mocha over the counter.

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to leave a little love behind…