I wouldn’t believe it, but I was there :)

“Visualize the life you desire. Do it so often that when you open your eyes, you cannot tell the difference between what’s “real” and what’s “not”

It’s Monday, the start of the last few days before Christmas. I’m waiting a few minutes extra this morning for my neighbor to prep for his day of work. This last week I’ve been his assistant while he services gas fireplaces.

And so, I find myself here wearing earphones, listening to temple gongs so I can concentrate with a few extra minutes to play “catch-up” with everyone.

Everyone means everyone of you that I care for out there and haven’t had the time or soulful bandwidth to put out a word to. For that I deeply apologize.

Since the Burn, it’s been a rollercoaster unlike the previous years of being on this ride. Life has been more intense and the pressure of being unemployed has been matched with seemingly everything I believe I’m coming under “attack”. It feels like catharsis and revolution had a party where they planned out a campaign to wipe our lives clean and didn’t send us the memo.

I tell you this because it’s important for me to let you know, I haven’t given up on this community and my art. Many, many, many times recently I’ve for through “heart of darkness” moments that spiraled into a full day…or more. Many times I’ve “lost my religion” and only climbed out because of friends. Disconnects like that have left me weak and rebuilding has been slow. Please understand, I’m grateful. Please understand I can never repay all the support except through getting back to what gives me joy. And by doing so, give back to everyone here and elsewhere.

Every morning when my post goes up, that’s part of a ritual. When I wake up, I put on headphones and listen to gongs and meditation bowls while making tea. While the tea brews, I flip through my inspirational feeds and try to tune in for the day. The resulting Facebook post sums up what I was told and serves to remind ME and keep me tuned. It’s a bonus that some of you also find value in the message. This is all to say, I’m not trying to serve as any sort of guide, I’m just trying to release, relax, stay focused and get through life while creating something new. Along the way, I post the unfolding tale to serve as a journal when Cat and I are older.

If I’m quiet, it’s because there’s SO much in my heart and head that I’m blocked and coping is the only way I’m making it through. If I’m loud, it’s quite possible I’m yelling all that “feel good inspiration” as a mirror.

You’re reading a love story and a story of a guy who finally “woke up” without going to Tibet. A few trips to the desert took care of the “journeying” section of the tale.

You’re also, now, reading this as my testament and commitment to recapturing the magic that’s been lost over the last few months.

And it’s working. Please, let me tell you a story that’ll convince us both:

Saturday we left the house early, walking the dogs. I’d decided that the day was going to be awesome and that the power of staying grateful and positive would make a big difference. Under one block away from home, I notice the truck of Tom Toler, the bail bondsman and bounty hunter who’s german shepard attacked Piggy.

His vehicle was parked right where it all happened with the same dog looking out the window. I mentioned this to Cat and we just kept walking…this time right in front of the military store where he stood last time.

Once we were in front of the store, a lovely couple of men were strolling our way and stopped, commenting on our cute dogs and one of them asked, “Do your dogs like bacon?”


“I’ve never met the Devil with bacon ” I tell him, “of course!”

And there it was, the scene.
Piggy and Scout, eating bacon right where the guy previously stood, watching his dog attack them. Meanwhile, his attack animal was across the street, also watching…

Life has a way of balancing everything out.

About 20 minutes later, we’d finished the walk and were nearing the house and crossing an intersection. On the opposing corner, a couple was walking to the light too and I noticed something amazing about them!

I’d like to interrupt here with a couple of quick insights. Friday night we stayed home together and among other things, discussed our plans for moving to Denver and/or traveling for a bit around the USA in a WVO-powered bus…you know, like modern gypsies with Noses and whatnot.

Well, as the couple got closer, she noticed my Nose and told me how she liked it and I told her the same and then..MAGIX.

As it turns out, she got her Nose two years ago from Wavy Gravy at St. Stupid’s Day Parade.

As it turns out, they were here in town, staying with friends of ours who are artists.
(One of whom came walking up with a piece of fruit that looked like a Nose, telling me how it grew on their Nose-growing tree)

As it turns out, they’ve been traveling the country in a bio-diesel conversion bus.

And, as it turns out, they are on their way to a NYE weekend in Denver.

I told you it was magix and all I could do was laugh

Near the end of the conversation, another friend of ours just happened to walk by and stop to say hello.

As it turned out, I’d just texted her earlier about needing to arch up over coffee

I tell you all this because it’s the truth and not only did I want to share…but it will stay here as a reminder for me.

A reminder to stay attuned, be open, have faith and wait for the doors to open when I least expect it…