Pimples, unmarked police cars and Razors

WhyTheNose? Spreading Love, Person to Person, One Nose at a Time! #onejoy #youarelight

“Hey, I’ve got something red on my nose too…it’s a pimple! We’re twins!”

That’s just the first of a couple of FIRSTS today.

This morning I woke up at 5AM, walked to the bus station for an hour-long ride and then made a 1.5 mile walk to appear for Jury Duty at 8AM. When Cat had woken up, she sent me greetings only moments before it was my turn to be chosen (or not) for duty. The funny thing is, she said,

“I’m sending ‘excusing the clown’ energy”

then the judge walks in and excused all of us from duty. It seems the plaintiff didn’t show.

CAT IS MAGIC! (as if you didn’t already know)

So, I’m leaving the building for the return walk to the bookstore where Cat was meeting me for pickup. On the way out, I’m passing by a young, beautiful couple and I hear that intro line from above,

“Hey, I’ve got something red on my nose too…it’s a pimple! We’re twins!”
“Oh yeah, I didn’t know I had a twin…who are you?”
“I’m Drea and this is Nick”
“Nice to meet you two…hey, wanna REALLY be twinsies? Here…”

I’ll never get tired of how the simple act of surprising someone with a Nose lights up everything. Especially a 45 degree, overcast morning in front of a monolithic government building where people are defending their lives.

And within a block, Drea and Nick had heard the origin tale of the Nose and she’d been wearing it since her reaction of, “…for ME?!?”, accompanied by the requisite squees and giggles and laughter. They both kept laughing at the ridiculousness of the Nose and agreed along with the entire #lovetrain, telling me they’d check it out. As we parted, she was still laughing, Nose leading the way while they crossed the block out of sight.
Clown Nose
Now, here’s the SECOND “first” that really cracked me up. I’d gotten to a crosswalk, still near the courthouse and police station, when I hear a loudspeaker-like blast, saying,


At first, I didn’t understand what it was, nor where it originated. Then it happened again and I heard, “NICE NOSE!” and it was clear then where it came from….

The blacked out, government plated, ready for chase, beefed up with a push-bumper and lights UNDERCOVER DODGE CHARGER COP CAR!
As he turned the corner, I managed to make eye contact as he waved back with a smile. DUDE. The Nose is making headway into creating a kinder police force.

It was a pretty dang nice day by then. First, the judge lets us all go, then two Nose encounters of the awesome kind? “I am grateful” was repeating over and over in my head.

To end the walk, just as I was getting close to meeting up with Cat, I notice a couple of boys on Razor scooters and their Mom walking my way. JUST WHEN I get near, one of them yells out,

“Nice Nose! Are you in the circus?”
” I thought he was Rudolph…”

Say Hi to Sean and Jason. Thank their Mom for the photo and encouraging them to walk up to strangers wearing a Nose and acting like I’m just another kid. A kid they thought was awesome, just like they were.

And they were. In fact, so awesome that they were dead-set on wearing their Noses the rest of the day!

So, how was your morning?