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I’d like to tell you a quick bedtime story about late night coffee shops, roses, church missions, high security prisons and clown Noses.

If I may.
Thank you.

As I was walking the dogs tonight, I dropped by Nathan’s Conscious Cup to refill the Nose altar which, over the past two weeks, had been nearly emptied of it’s offerings. EG: I’d left a bag of Noses for patrons and they were nearly gone!

It’s always a joy to drop by that little place and see who’s communing and what the discussion is and really, to just feel good for a few minutes because of the loving energy that it radiates.
Love was winning right then and was prepping me for another encounter.

So, nearing the house, me and the two hounds stopped for their pee-break which is usually in the church yard across the street. I noticed that on the sidewalk that leads to the chapel doors, there was a heart made of roses. I grabbed my phone to take a photo and remember that, as always, beauty is everywhere and being presented with a heart of roses on a Thursday night IS pretty special.

While finishing the shot, a lady came out and proceeded to tell me that the wreath came from special roses from a mission in Southern Cali. She also introduced herself as Molly and I asked her why the roses were in a wreath in front of the church.

Well, tonight was the first night of a 3 day seminar and training for women from their congregation. The training was for their outreach into the toughest, female prisons in California. Specifically, the women were being trained with the mantra:


Unconditional love. An outreach to women who’d been gang leaders, violent individuals and who’d also, typically, been abused by men.

“The need for love is SO deep Tex, you cannot possibly imagine what they’ve been through…”

We spoke for a few more minutes as she outlined what her group does, how it helps, and how it’s a non-judgemental, loving and non-doctrinal approach to simply showing these women that love and miracles are out there. Waiting if they can only forgive themselves and accept hope.

I told her, without going into a very long diatribe, how I truly understood.
And that if she’d wait, I’d be right back with something for each of the seventeen women going through the training.

A few minutes later, I brought back 17 Noses and she listened as I gave her the short version of how this little piece of foam has been taken around the world by YOU (YES YOU) and YOU and everyone else…turning a joke into a love movement centered in human connection and presence. She understood and we could have talked for awhile longer, but she had to get inside. With two hands full of #lovebombs she told me they’d go to good use and that if I’d like to help at any time, their door is open.

Tonight, I didn’t expect anything to happen…it was a normal, late night dog walking evening before bed. But you just never know what might happen when you leave yourself and your eyes and path open…

Thanks for listening. Your pARTicipation in this #lovestunt is sending the message through seventeen women and along to hundreds more.

Good job and goodnight :)