Hugging America Makes the Oscars via Cadillac!

During the Academy Awards, Hugging America made an appearance at the Oscars in front of MILLIONS around the world!

Apparently, Cadillac created an ad about Unity, using this as an intro:

“We are a nation divided. That’s what they tell us, right? This chasm between us…but what they don’t tell you, what doesn’t make the news is this:

We carry each other forward.”

And during those words, there’s Absinthia Jennifer Vermut carrying a FREE HUGS sign that I’d made to use during the post-Trump election protests in downtown Oakland.

The same sign she and I used to hug police during the protests :)

Funnier and more profoundly, this ad is making news and being shared across Facebook by the TENS OF THOUSANDS and being seen via the graphic below from a great article and share from Truth Examiner

Love wins.

Wanna watch the ad?

Wanna read Truth Examiners article?…/yes-cadillac-runs-incredib…/

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