Fellow clowns!?

So, I get photos sent to me and here’s three from “Bren and Val”, via a submission to the website Thanks gals, you’re beautiful!…


Alameda Antiques Market

Just outside San Francisco, Alameda, CA once a month has an antiques market that lures buyers and sellers from around the world…10,000 of them…


Random magic

In the last two days, I took a few shots in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. It’s no exaggeration to say that the nose…


Even at the bookstore.

This is Will, a security guard at Barnes and Noble. He asked me, quite plainly and with a large and warm smile, “How do…


Friday night takeout

Late Friday night, I ran to a nearby Chinese spot for takeout. They were very busy, I had to wait (OK b/c their food…


…even at the Mall :)

So, I normally don’t take a blurry photo nor would I share one that didn’t meet at least a couple of standards…however, today is…


Joel Thingvall

Joel found my site. Joel is a clown. Joel wears his nose, a lot. Joel’s photos rock. Joel rocks, that is all  


Target? Yep!

You can meet the most amazing people anywhere really, it’s all a matter of context and coincidence (or luck) I ran an errand to…