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For almost 5 years, WhyTheNose? has grown from a single act of rebellion to an intentional #lovestunt that’s traveled to over 30 countries. Along the way, we’ve picked up a number of press mentions!

Here’s a few press links of note:

Grow Nevada Team Radio had me on for an interview regarding the Entertainment Tax vs. Burning Man and I opened my big mouth!

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“Heart Intelligence and Why the Nose?”

I had the opportunity for an interview yesterday via a fantastic new podcast series, Positive Head, with the host and founder, Brandon Beachum.

(and I got to be his FIRST CO-HOST of their daily inspirational format!)

The interview was the result of me listening to their chat with Marian Goodell and her casual yet erudite, uplifting and on-point conversation regarding the direction of our community and it’s worldwide growth.

Here’s what Positive Head is all about…I strongly suggest you check them out via their links below and subscribe to their stream:

“Every Wednesday, host Brandon Beachum interviews a different consciousness change-maker that is helping to pave the way for humanity as we collectively transition into a state of expanded consciousness and awareness. He talks with authors, directors, artists, bloggers, scientists, entrepreneurs and anyone else who is out there making a positive impact on the world.”

Have a listen?

Brandon has a special guest co-host appearance from Tex Allen, creator of Hear Tex’s inspiring story of how he has helped bring a smile to millions of people over the last five years with the help of a funny red nose.

Find Positive Head here:
Positive Head Podcast Page (main):…/category/podcasts/



Our Red Nose Day USA fun made the Huffington Post Good News section!

Why the Nose? This Man Celebrates Red Nose Day 365 Days a Year


Recently, I did a hour long, freefall podcast with David Ralph of the show, “Join Up Dots” where we dig into the motivation, inspiration and spirituality of WhyTheNose? and the Burning Man culture behind it!


WhyTheNose? is in the official Burning Man documentary, Spark: A Burning Man Story…here’s the exclusive clip from iTunes. When Spark launched on iTunes, it was #1 in the Documentary category for over 2 months! Watch WhyTheNose? CLOWN the MAN as an art statement goes viral on a global scale across the Burning Man network of events!

WhyTheNose? also inspired a top creative Google Executive to base his 2014 TedX talk around the Nose, contending it motivates and builds community, while he passed out 600 Noses to the attendees:

To quote John Militello of YouTube’s ZOO Agency:

“I want the “Never Been Done Before” is a cry I often hear. In fact, it’s a demand. Everyone wants to “disrupt” and change the world. Today, that’s easier said than done. It may sound silly but I know one guy who is changing things and creating an environment allowing people to gather and do the never been done before, or at least attempting to. That guy is Tex Allen.

Tex Allen is dedicated to wearing a clown nose with the simple goal of making people simple. He has done so much more. He has inspired people to come together and “Join In”. Allowing people from all backgrounds, from Burning Man to Main Street, to build an instant community.
Today when you need a cross functional team to come together to solve a problem you need to find a way to get everyone to work as one. I use ice breakers to jump start the process. Adding in the nose with ice breakers puts us all in the same boat and helps to build community instantly.

To help me illustrate how important community is to changing the world I used Tex’s nose in my most recent TEDx Talk with a group of over 600 attendees. I was a success and became a running theme throughout the day’s event.”

We were interviewed by the Vallejo Times Herald recently!
Click the photo below from the FRONT PAGE to read the article:

And interviewed us for the “Consciousness” category…THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT OPPORTUNITY!
Click their photo of Cat below for the interview:

The OAKLAND TRIBUNE recently interviewed us too!

Conspirinormal Podcast interviewed me about Burning Man and the Nose, listen to it HERE at iTunes!

Rolling Stone Magazine’s 2013 coverage of Symbiosis

WhyTheNose made an entry at the Burning Blog, Burning Man’s Official site

Thanks Laughing Squid, we are SO honored!  (also on G+ here with great comments)

Metafilter picked us up…

Neatormama loves the nose? WOW, too cool!

Joonbug is into “cool sh*t” and we’re very happy to agree, thanks!

Clown Forum gives us some love, YAY!

DocPop, a San Francisco new-media eccentric and Social Media SuperDuperStar wears a Nose

BoingBoing! loved the SantaClown video!

Right This Minute TV found WhyTheNose and did an interview!